What We Do

We help wholesale & distribution businesses improve sales, resulting in increased profitability. Wholesalers using Cogent Credit dramatically streamline their new account approval process, increase efficiency and improve their new customer experience. Today our technology transforms new credit accounts in the wholesale industry. Upcoming features place Cogent Credit at the heart of credit monitoring and the ultimate success of any UK wholesale business.

Companies not embracing new opportunities provided by technology will be surpassed by those that do. Customer’s demand rapid responses and long credit decisioning processes results in sales being lost to competitors. We deliver the latest technology.

Who We Are

We have backgrounds in Financial Technology, Wholesale & Credit Risk. We founded the business from insight that approving credit for new customers was an outdated and cumbersome process, with long delays caused by the need to sign, collect and verify documents. In a fast changing world, even the best clients can go bad. We also saw ongoing credit monitoring as being equally important and underserved. Cogent Credit is our response to these gaps in the wholesale sector.


Julian Guppy
CTO & Craftsman
Paul Scarratt
CSO & Business Driver