Faster Sales

Cogent software can help you shorten the timeframe from introduction to order. Cogent technology enables you to sign up new customers in real time with application forms designed specifically for the Food & Drink space. The software gets it right first time and minimises errors and the need to reenter data because it wasn't captured correctly and completely at sign on. With limited input from a customer, we can generate a decision or recommendation.

  • Sign & Sell
  • Instant Checks
  • Real-Time Decisions

Smart Risk

Cogent was built to balance the inevitable tension between maximising revenue and minimising bad debt. We understand that it's easy to say no, much harder to design a system to say yes as much as possible. The system is based on best practice of numerous financial risk taking entities and has been developed over years. Cogent decisioning constantly learns from its own decision outcomes and the payment profiles of UK businesses.

  • Profit Focused
  • Proven Methodology
  • Big Data Model
Cogent goes beyond basic KYC and endeavours to make the approval and verification process as secure and robust as possible
Paperless Processing
We transform your customer experience through electronic data capture and communication
Cloud Platform
The Cogent platform is cloud based: access it anytime, anywhere, from any device
Sales have better intelligence on their prospects and customers directly on their mobile allowing them to better prioritise their time
The system has been designed to summarise the credit quality of potential clients in a fresh and clear way
The Cogent system can tell a lot about a potential customer from a few simple data points

Your Business + Big Data

250 Thousand+
10 Million+
Data Points
£100 Billion+
Sector Turnover

Serving Every Division

Your Questions Answered

Yes, the Cogent Platform can process charity trusts, mutuals, sole traders, PLCs as well as limited companies.
Yes. We have spent time with lawyers to ensure everything is compliant with all regulations.
We specifically designed the Cogent Platform to be compatible with Microsoft NAV but we can integrate with any ERP system.
It is encrypted and stored on high spec servers.

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